BIB Calculator

Download the BIB Calculator spreadsheets:








Thanks Scottmoose, GM, LoveChild, Planet10 and Gainfile.


8 thoughts on “BIB Calculator

  1. I hadn’t gotten one of these emails that someone had posted on the thread for a long time, but I was glad I did. I built my BIBs several years ago. I pretty much stopped reading Stereophile etc. because whenever I get free time, I just want to listen to them.


    • I stopped my Stereophile subscription years ago. The money I saved went directly to speakers (and my children of course – who I built speakers for). I hope you still enjoy the BIBs you made.


  2. I do! I friend helped me build a pair of Single Ended Triode amps based on the 45 tube. The 45 SET tube amps and the BIB’s make a great pair!


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  4. Thank you and all the people who had worked on the bib spreadsheet. I went with a fairly small driver, the dayton audio pc105-4. After 10 or so listening hours, i really enjoy the dynamics with this enclosure and it kinda waf too.


    • Mtlsir, yes, even small BIBs sound great. The BIB design offers an open and dynamic sound even if not reaching deep into the bass. Using small drivers allows you to build a very tidy and slim floor standing speaker.


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