Cabinet Types


Every driver works best in different enclosures. The enclosure and driver work together. Realizing the greatest potential from a given driver requires time researching which cabinet it works best in. It’s possible a driver may work best in more than one enclosure.

So which is best? The answer is there is no best. But finding what you like best and enjoy most is a worthwhile journey. I started with sealed cabinets and put the best drivers I could afford into them. Later I realized this strategy was wasteful and fraught with confusion. For example, just because a driver is rated down to 30Hz doesn’t mean it will reach that frequency in a small sealed cabinet.

The enclosure can make or break a driver. I’ve nearly given up on drivers that didn’t sound good in small sealed boxes only to try them in back horns. On occasion my jaw dropped in surprise. Dayton Audio makes a 5″ full range driver that stunk in a small ported box but sang in a BIB. There was so much bass from this driver in a BIB that I would refer to the combination as my Reggae speakers. This experience lead me to explore using this inexpensive driver in other ways.

I’ve built many different types of enclosures allowing me to hear how each adds its own sonic contribution. They all add something. Read on to discover what I’ve experienced.


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