Pyle PDS442 and Dayton DT250P in Selenium HM25-25

I also purchased the Pyle PDS442 and Dayton DT250P compression drivers and gave them a listen in the Selenium HM25-25 aluminum horn. I really like the Selenium. It’s made well and consistently sounds good – to me. I consider the Selenium HM25-25 to be a budget friendly FaitalPRO LTH102 because it’s much cheaper, is also made from aluminum, works with the same compression drivers and offers response down to 1200Hz. 

I have heard “the horn used dominates sound quality regardless of the compression driver used”. I disagree with this based on my measurements and listening. Clearly, these two compression drivers have peaks and dips in different places despite using the same horn. Both drivers sound good but if I had to pick one it would be the Pyle. Cheap as it is, the Pyle PDS442 sounds great regardless of price. Why? It has a relaxed, dynamic sound. In the Selenium horn, this driver has nearly ZERO sibilance and is very easy on the ears. The Dayton DT250P sounds brighter with a touch of sibilance. They both sound good and I could live happily with either.

Compared to the B&C DE250-8, these two cheaper drivers sound a bit congested and less extended. The B&C has a ‘liquid’ sound I associate with only the best tweeters I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. But the Pyle and Dayton are not far behind and I enjoy them both. In comparison, the more expensive titanium Eminence PSD:2013-8 always had an edgy, sibilant quality no matter the horn used. 

The real star here is the Pyle PDS442. It distinguishes itself with it’s larger 1.75″ aluminum voice coil. Combined with the Selenium HM25-25 it’s a sonic bargain. 

My subjective rating when used with the Selenium HM25-25:

Pyle PDS442 – 9/10, Dayton DT250P – 8/10


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