B&C DE250-8 Compression Driver in Various Waveguides

Image 33Listening to the B&C DE250-8 in these waveguides was a pleasure. I also measured the results but honestly, it’s in the listening. All of these waveguides sound good but they do sound different. I used the standard Eminence 1.6K crossover.

FaitalPro LTH102 – (subjective rank #1)
This is the most beautiful looking waveguide I’ve seen so far. It’s a work of art and I recommend displaying it on top of your speaker rather than hiding it inside the cabinet. When paired with the B&C DE250-8 the sound is super smooth and easy on the ears. Treble sounds more ‘liquid’ than the competition in this comparison.

Dayton H812 (subjective rank, tie for #2)
This waveguide does well with the B&C DE250-8. It simply sounds good and I could live happily with it. Compared to the FatialPro LTH102, the H812 sounds a bit ‘thicker’. This waveguide is made of plastic vs the FatialPro’s aluminum. Regardless, the H812 waveguide sounds good and measures well.

PVR WG 35-25 (subjective rank, tie for #2))
I really like this waveguide too. It’s all business and the material seems to be some kind of sound deadening rubberized plastic. I doubt it could break if dropped (unlike the plastic Dayton H812 and the SEOS 12). It sounds different than the Dayton but there is no clear winner, IMHO. It may sound wider but less deep than the other waveguides. It has a nice ‘airy’ quality that the other waveguides don’t – which may put it at the top of this list for some.

SEOS 12 (subjective rank #3)
Honestly, I’m not a fan of the SEOS 12″ waveguide. With all four of the compression drivers I’ve tried, it always has a ‘hissy’ sound. Some may call it sweet sounding but I think it adds a quality of its own. This distinction ranks it at the bottom of this group for me. Having said that, it’s actually a very nice sounding waveguide, just not my personal favorite.


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