Fostex 127e projects

The Fostex 127e is regarded as an excellent performing full range driver. It’s no longer in production but the newer Fostex designs using similar nomenclature likely follow suit and offer similar (probably improved) performance. The 127e has a Qts of .43 making it suitable for ported boxes. With careful calculations this driver will provide good bass but many will find a subwoofer a nice addition. Personally, I prefer it without a super tweeter. Some are bothered by the treble break up. A tube amp goes a long way in taming this excitable driver.


Fostex 127e in a Small Slotted Box

I built this small slotted box and believe it’s a good size for smaller apartments. Rather than a flat alignment, I’ve bumped up the bass slightly. It’s simple to build using standard sized lumber. This cabinet is only 5″ deep and sounds best close up against a wall giving it a fuller sounding bass.






Fostex 127e in a Straight Pipe

Not too successful. It looks beautiful but is lacking in bass. Essentially, I see this as simply much too large box for the 127e causing the bass to roll off early. The Straight Pipe is a very nice cabinet for an appropriate driver.



Fostex 127e in a BIB

I could not find my picture so used Uvellani’s 127e BIB pic. Currently in storage, I plan to use them when I have an appropriate room to put them into. To my ears a BIB is the way to go with the Fostex 127e because it balances out the bass response really well. You can tuck these into corners and have a beautiful sounding system encompassing all of the elegance of a full range speaker without much compromise. These won’t play super loud but they will fill a small to medium sized room with sound that won’t leave you wanting. One of my personal favorites.



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